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Off-road Racing Preparation

JaxMoto WR250Whether you're a first timer or seasoned pro, JaxMoto is the off road racing shop to fit your needs. JaxMoto is not just a motorcycle parts and repair shop. We have dedicated tremendous efforts to helping customers with their racing careers. Owner, Don Learn has been riding, racing, repairing and modifying off road motorcycles since the 1980's.

Motorcycles prepped for racing at JaxMoto have podium finishes in numerous enduros, hare scrambles, 24 hour challenges and most proudly the Baja series in Mexico. Numerous riders have finished and placed at the Baja 1000, Baja 500, and the San Felipe 250 on JaxMoto prepared bikes. In fact, not one of our customers has ever not finished due to mechanical issues on a JaxMoto prepared bike.



Custom tailored to the customer's needs

  • Extract customer and bike information using checklists and questionnaires
  • Formulate a game plan
  • Total bike evaluation
  • Discuss pricing
  • Set a timeline for completion
  • Complete the race preparation
  • Make any final adjustments
  • Receive customer feedback upon completion
To win any race, first you have to finish, and to finish you need a machine that's up to the task. All the cross training, diet, technique, and endurance in the world won't get you a win if that motorcycle doesn't cross the finish line. Let's not forget about safety too. A half broken motorcycle will most likely give up the ghost at the worst time and could easily be the culprit behind a crash resulting in injury. Like most things, there are degrees of preparedness. Off road racing is no exception. In fact, when you start to look closely at what's involved, it can become quite overwhelming.

Let's say for example, I'm going to a local race, not racing for points, know the trail well, lots of riding buddies, cheap entry fee, and a brand new bike. Prep should be fairly minimal. I would do some basic checks on the bike, grab my gear, some gas and off I go. This would realistically give me a good chance of finishing and if I need help or get hurt, I'm close to home with friends nearby. On the other hand, if I'm headed half way across the country to a national, by myself, into unfamiliar terrain with a well used motorcycle I just bought off Craigslist, well, without systematic and methodical preparation, my chances of finishing are close to zero. The chance of making it home without incident are also slim.

JaxMoto knows what it's going to take to get it done in just about any given situation. Every race prep is custom tailored to the customer's needs. Not just the motorcycle. We literally extract tons of information from the customer before we even get near the motorcycle. We do this by way of checklists, questionnaires, and forming a game plan. The next step is a complete evaluation of the machinery. More checklists, pricing and an accurate timeline for completion is what brings us to the actual set up. Finally, some last adjustments, testing and evaluation of the customers' feedback brings us to race time.

Here at JaxMoto, we have a genuine interest in the safety and well being of our customers. We hope this service helps provide some of that for you. Given all we must do to remain safe and have fun in an inherently dangerous sport, we know this is a service that carries tremendous value. For more information on JaxMoto Race Prep, feel free to call the shop (904) 683-0498 or fill out the information to the right under 'Ask A Mechanic' to send us an email.

Thank you for all of your support. See you on the trail.
Don Learn (owner)