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Motorcycle Service & Repair Jacksonville, FL

Most reasonable labor rate in Jacksonville - Only $89/hr


Repair Services

Replace countershaft and inspect countershaft steel; replace rear wheel sprocket; cut and install chain; inspect/lube rear wheel bearings; inspect rear brakes; set proper chain adjustment; set tire pressure; test ride.

  • 2hr = $178 + parts (approx. $150 – $200)
  • Fork Service/Seal Replacement: Disassemble and clean all fork components; inspect bushings/replace as needed; replace fork seals; new fork oil; set oil level/adjusters; reinstall; test ride
  • Rear Off Road Shock Rebuild: Disassemble, clean and inspect all shock components; replace shock seal; replace piston bushing; replace bladder as needed; refill/bleed with recommended shock oil; nitrogen charge to recommended pressure; reinstall; test ride.
  • Front fork service with seal replacement (Forks Only) 2hr = $178 + parts (approx. $40)
  • Front fork service with seal replacement (Forks on Bike) 3hr = $267 + parts (approx. $40)
  • Rear off road shock service/seal replacement (Shock Only) 2hr = $178 + parts (approx. $60)
  • Rear off road shock service/seal replacement (Shock on Bike) 3hr = $267 + parts (approx. $60)
Do you want to ride suspension that is plush through the acceleration and braking bumps, but firm on the big landings? Do you want tractor like traction, but still be able to carve the corner?

JaxMoto has partnered with Fluidology to ensure our customer get the best suspension setup for any bike.

* Does not include valve adjustment
Replace oil and filter; check/replace – air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, rear end oil (if applicable), coolant, brake and clutch fluids; set tire pressure; clean/lube/adjust drive chain; lube/adjust all pivot points and cables; load test battery and check charging system; carburetor/throttle body sinc; check all lights and signals; test ride

  • Most four cylinder standard and sport motorcycles 3hr = $267 + parts (approx. $100)
    For valve adjustment add an additional 2.5hr = $222.50
  • Most cruiser and v-twin motorcycles 2hr = $178 + parts (approx. $100)
    For valve adjustment add an additional 1.5hr = $133.50
Replace brake pads; flush and bleed hydro system; test ride.

  • Hydro flush .3hr per system = $26.70
  • Brake pad replacement .5hr per caliper = $44.50 (Includes fluid flush and bleed)
  • Caliper rebuild .6hr per caliper = $53.40 + parts (approx. $35 per caliper)
  • Master cylinder rebuild 1hr = $89 + parts (approx. $35)
* Due to insurance reasons, JaxMoto will no longer be mounting/balancing tires purchased outside of our establishment.

Remove and replace tire; inspect/replace valve stem (cost of stem additional); computer spin balance; inspect brakes, wheel bearings, fork seals and hardware; lube axle; set correct tire pressure; lube and adjust chain; test ride.

  • Wheel only .3hr = $26.70
  • Sport bikes: Front mount and balance .5hr = $44.50
  • Sport bikes: Rear mount and balance .6hr = $53.40
  • Cruisers and V-Twins: Front mount and balance .5hr = $44.50
    (Goldwing/Trike/Harley with accessories could be more)
  • Cruisers and V-Twins: Rear mount and balance .6 - 1hr = $53.40 – $89
    (Goldwing/Trike/Harley with accessories could be more)
22 point quality control checklist; make recommendations; clean/lube/adjust drive chain; set tire pressures/check valve stems; check oil level/drain bolt; adjust clutch cable; test ride.

  • .25hr = $22.25
Replace oil filter; replace oil drain washer; drain/refill/set oil level

  • .5hr = $44.50 + parts (approx. $40 – $60)

* Total price for job will vary depending on the type of oil used.

  • Carburetor Overhaul: Remove carburetors/completely disassemble; carburetor bodies in cleaning agitator/all jets and passageways cleaned; check/replace float needles and seats, air cutoff valves, float bowl gaskets and o-rings, diaphragms/accelerator pumps; reassemble; set fuel level, mixture settings; synchronize; pressure test; reinstall; final tuning on running engine; flush fuel tank/lines; new fuel filters; test petcock/fuel shutoff; test ride; make recommendations
  • Single cylinder carburetor clean and service 2hr = $178 + parts (approx. $25)
  • Twin carburetor clean and service 3hr = $267 + parts (approx. $50)
  • Most standard and sport bike four cylinder carburetor clean and service 6hr = $534 + parts (approx. $100)
Fuel injection service/cleaning/repair; remove injectors, throttle body, fuel rail and fuel pump; drain/flush fuel tank and fuel lines; disassemble/clean fuel pump; replace screen and filter; clean/check mechanical operations of throttle bodies; clean pressure injectors; check/test all electrical FI wiring and signals; flush fuel rail; reassemble; throttle body synchronization; EGA; idle set; test ride.

  • Single cylinder injection system 2.5hr = $222.50 + parts (approx. $25)
  • Most four cylinder and twin injector systems 5hr = $445 + parts (approx. $50)
For those of you that have already made an investment in a motorcycle, dirt bike or all-terrain vehicle, some of your main concerns money-wise are motorcycle repairs and motorcycle maintenance. While you may have already paid off your machine, you still have to be mindful of upkeep and potential damage to your motorcycle. Like any piece of machinery, a dirt bike or quad is put through a significant amount of wear and tear even during light use. You don’t have to be involved in off-road racing or long-distance cruising to stress and wear down parts. And while some problems are immediately evident, many issues begin unseen and therefore can go unnoticed until turning serious (and often costly).

At Jax Motorcycle Service, we know you may be concerned about finding a motorcycle repair shop that’s not only reliable but honest and affordable as well. Motorcycle parts and service can be very costly, and dishonest mechanics have given our particular industry an unsavory reputation in the past. But we promise you that when you trust us with the service of your street bike, dirt bike or ATV. At Jax Motorcycle Service you will be getting first-class motorcycle service at affordable prices to boot.

Street Bike Service & Repair

Sport Bike & Cruiser


Jax Motorcycle Service offers over twenty years of service experience on Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki street bikes.

Dirt Bike Service & Repair

Dirt Bike Service &

Race Bike Repair

Jax Motorcycle Service uses years of race experience and knowledge to setup, maintain and outfit your dirt bike or race bike for the best possible performance.

  • Basic dirt bike engine service
  • Complete dirt bike rebuilds
  • Dirt bike performance mods
  • Dirt bike rejetting / mapping
  • Dirt bike suspension rebuilds
  • Dirt bike race prep and set-up

ATV & Quad Service and Repair

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

Service & Repair

Jax Motorcycle Service offers service and setup on a wide variety of ATVs from the smallest 50cc models up to more serious off-road models available today. Be sure and stop in to check out what Jax Motorcycle Service can do for your ATV.


Motorcycle Service

The two most important things that set Jax Motorcycle Service apart from much of the competition are professional experience and location. Our manager Don Learn has been involved with motorcycles since starting at a Yamaha/Suzuki Dealership while in high school. After successfully opening and running his own shop in Pennsylvania for five years, he went on to become Suzuki’s regional technical manager for the Southeast and was responsible for the service departments of 150 dealerships. All in all, Don has over 25 years of knowledge under his belt, so you can rest assured he knows his way around a garage.

And unlike a major chain with a headquarters possibly located states away, we’re local in the Jacksonville area and privately owned. That means no excuses or delays while higher-ups are contacted via phone or e-mail – the buck stops here. We care about the people who come through our door because they’re not just our clients, they’re our neighbors as well.

So no matter if you need serious work done on your transmission or just a regular tune-up, stop on by for the best affordable motorcycle service in Jacksonville And don’t forget to check out our latest specials!